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2016-11-08Removing java-rxtx: This package is in [community] repoOmar Vega Ramos
2016-08-08Removing java/java-json-android: Not necessary, closure compiler now uses ↵Omar Vega Ramos
2016-06-28Removing java/protobuf: This package is in [pcr] repoOmar Vega Ramos
2016-06-27Removing java/java-guava: This package is in [pcr] repoOmar Vega Ramos
2016-06-27Removing java/jna: This package is in [pcr] repoOmar Vega Ramos
2016-02-17Removing java-jarjar: This package is in [pcr] repoOmar Vega Ramos
2016-02-10java-ow-util-ant-tasks: moving package to [libre]Omar Vega Ramos
2015-10-07maven-3.3.3-2.parabola1: updating revision from ArchAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2015-10-07closure-compiler-20150901-1: updating versionAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2015-09-22Removing java/not-working/java-asm4. Use pcr/java-asm insteadOmar Vega Ramos
2015-09-22maven-3.3.3-1: updating version and change of location of configuration filesOmar Vega Ramos
2015-06-14Clean up java/beanshell, move it to libre/beanshellLuke Shumaker
2015-06-14Update java/javacc 5.0 to libre/javacc 6.2.1Luke Shumaker
2014-11-28rename to URL in source array for ↵André Fabian Silva Delgado
liberated source tarballs
2014-11-08java-rxtx: change var/lock to run/lockcoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2014-09-25maven-3.2.3-1.parabola1: updating version and add complex pkgrelAndré Fabian Silva Delgado
2014-08-25add mips64el supportcoadde [Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado]
2014-06-14add java/java-cupLuke Shumaker
2014-06-04add java/byaccjLuke Shumaker
2014-05-27java/closure-compiler: updateLuke Shumaker
2014-05-16fix "Maintainer:"/"Contributor:" style, add "(Arch)" for Maintainers and ↵André Fabian Silva Delgado
Contributors from Arch and remove (Parabola) for us
2014-02-22update apache-ant, move it (and dependencies) from [java] to [libre]Luke Shumaker
2014-02-22update jh, move it from [java] to [libre]Luke Shumaker
2013-12-25simplify/fix java/junitLuke Shumaker
2013-12-25rebuild java/java-json-androidLuke Shumaker
I don't know why the source tarball changed.
2013-12-25java/antlr2: touch upLuke Shumaker
- the runantlr2 script had quoting wrong - simplify pkgdesc to (sort of) reflect Arch's pkgdesc - bump pkgrel to match Arch
2013-12-23update java/closure-compilerLuke Shumaker
2013-12-23fix java/apache-ant: bad symlink pathLuke Shumaker
2013-12-23update java/apache-antLuke Shumaker
2013-12-23touch up java/jakarta-oroLuke Shumaker
2013-08-04java/antlr2: re-enable C#Luke Shumaker
2013-08-04patch java/nant to work with mono 3Luke Shumaker
2013-07-07mv java/not-working/closure-compiler javaLuke Shumaker
It still has bundled pre-compiled dependencies. However their licenses all check out. The problematic one was json.jar ('java-json'), which we now provide with 'java-json-android'.
2013-07-07fix java/java-json-androidLuke Shumaker
2013-07-06Merge branch 'master-remote' into master-undeleteLuke Shumaker
2013-07-06Revert fauno deleting everything. The actual changes he made are:Luke Shumaker
- delete pcr/ruby-haml/ruby-yard (improperly nested) - update pcr/transmission-remote-cli - update social/asterisk
2013-07-03Merge branch 'master' of vparabola:abslibreNicolás Reynolds
Conflicts: java/not-working/java-bnd/PKGBUILD libre/parabola-keyring/PKGBUILD
2013-07-01?Nicolás Reynolds
2013-06-26add java/java-json-androidLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23retool java/java-sonatype-oss-parentLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23retool java/java-rxtxLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23java/apache-ant: install maven artifactsLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23tune up java/java-jarjarLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23add java/beanshell and dependenciesLuke Shumaker
2013-06-23deprecate java-ugly, just put them in javaLuke Shumaker
2013-06-22java/jh: updateLuke Shumaker
2013-06-22add more features to java/apache-antLuke Shumaker
2013-06-22add java/java-commons-bsfLuke Shumaker
2013-06-22rebuild java-asm{2,3}Luke Shumaker
2013-06-22java/antlr2: fix deps, but remove antrl2-sharpLuke Shumaker