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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-06mv ~lukeshu/stow pcr/ # and update itLuke Shumaker
2013-12-06mv ~lukeshu/cinclude2dot pcr/Luke Shumaker
2013-12-06mv ~lukeshu/9mount pcr/Luke Shumaker
2013-12-06~lukeshu: remove old versions, things not workingLuke Shumaker
2013-12-06~lukeshu: remove deprecated packages (things that moved elsewhere)Luke Shumaker
2013-12-03update ~lukeshu/thingutils-gitLuke Shumaker
2013-12-03move wdiff from ~lukeshu to pcrLuke Shumaker
2013-09-20update emacs-lucid, move it from [~lukeshu] to [pcr]Luke Shumaker
2013-09-19update android-udev, move it from ~lukeshu to pcrLuke Shumaker
2013-09-08touch up maildirproc, include the docs, move from [~lukeshu] to [prc]Luke Shumaker
2013-07-06~lukeshu/git-svn-abandon: fix upLuke Shumaker
2013-07-06Revert fauno deleting everything. The actual changes he made are:Luke Shumaker
2013-07-01?Nicolás Reynolds
2013-04-27mv ~lukeshu/pngcrush pcr/pngcrush; update it.Luke Shumaker
2013-04-07~lukeshu/maildirproc: bump pkgrel (python 3.2->3.3, sign package)Luke Shumaker
2013-04-07update ~lukeshu/wdiffLuke Shumaker
2012-12-26manually audit file permissionsLuke Shumaker
2012-12-26(scripted) fix file permission breakage introduced in commit d62bd1Luke Shumaker
2012-12-03update ~lukeshu/wdiff 1.1.0 -> 1.1.2Luke Shumaker
2012-11-27improve ~lukeshu/xcalib: satisfy namcapLuke Shumaker
2012-11-27improve ~lukeshu/emacs-lucid: satisfy namcapLuke Shumaker
2012-10-30update ~lukeshu/emacs-lucidLuke Shumaker
2012-10-30mv ~lukeshu/pacman-Plukeshu,vcsget} and fix it upLuke Shumaker
2012-10-22move etckeeper from [~lukeshu] to [pcr]Luke Shumaker
2012-10-22update ~lukeshu/etckeeperLuke Shumaker
2012-10-16Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Shumaker
2012-10-16add ~lukeshu/9mountLuke Shumaker
2012-09-26add ~lukeshu/xcalib from AURLuke Shumaker
2012-09-26move ~lukeshu/codeanalyst to ~/lukeshu/not-working/codeanalystLuke Shumaker
2012-09-26sorta-fix ~lukeshu/codeanalystLuke Shumaker
2012-09-26change ~lukeshu/etckeeper to use makepkg from git, instead of my patchLuke Shumaker
2012-09-26add ~lukeshu/md and dependency ~lukeshu/python-pyproxyfsLuke Shumaker
2012-09-12adding owncloud-client!!Shackra Sislock
2012-08-25add ~lukeshu/etckeeperLuke Shumaker
2012-08-25update ~lukeshu/pacman-lukeshuLuke Shumaker
2012-08-25mv ~lukeshu/pacman{,-lukeshu} to be consistent with the package nameLuke Shumaker
2012-08-25add ~lukeshu/pacmanLuke Shumaker
2012-07-29add ~lukeshu/emacs-lucidLuke Shumaker
2012-07-29rm ~/lukeshu/emacs24, emacs24 is now just emacsLuke Shumaker
2012-07-08add ~lukeshu/codeanalyst, modified from AURLuke Shumaker
2012-07-08add ~lukeshu/libdwarf from AURLuke Shumaker
2012-06-21~lukeshu/freeglut26: fix conflicting provides= linesLuke Shumaker
2012-06-20add ~lukeshu/freeglut26: freeglut-2.6.0 for the programs that broke with 2.8.0Luke Shumaker
2012-06-20~lukeshu/make-graph: remove from the base-devel groupLuke Shumaker
2012-05-06mv ~lukeshu/parabolaweb-git libre/parabolaweb-gitLuke Shumaker
2012-05-06Make parabolaweb-git not actually clone parabolaweb, but provide parabolaweb ...Luke Shumaker
2012-04-02Move expiramental unarchiver things from [~lukeshu] to [libre-testing]Luke Shumaker
2012-03-05add ~lukeshu/maildirproc from AURLuke Shumaker
2012-03-04update ~lukeshu/parabolaweb-gitLuke Shumaker
2012-02-28conkeror has been moved form Arch's [community] to AUR, so I'm adopting it in...Luke Shumaker