BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developmentadd fsd search scriptbill-auger2 years
masteradd bug reference for calibre split packagesbill-auger24 hours
old-masterblacklist.txt: touch up some descriptionsLuke Shumaker6 years
pyqt5bugfix/refactor chech.shbill-auger14 months
ref-and-idAdd more refs randomly looking on the FSF page.Michał Masłowski6 years
wiki-post[find_fsd_pages]: add fsd search scriptbill-auger4 weeks
wip-2020-03-14update docsbill-auger4 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-11bugfix/refactor chech.shpyqt5bill-auger
2019-02-10replace 'pyqt5' entries with new 'pyqtwebengine' split packagesbill-auger
2019-02-10sort entriesbill-auger
2019-02-10delete bang chars for sortingbill-auger
2019-02-10add 'sort-entries' script and non-uniform sort warning to ''bill-auger
2019-02-10specify long description reference to be mandatorybill-auger
2019-02-10blacklist teamspeak3-serverAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-07add BR ref to qt5-webengine entriesbill-auger
2019-02-06add ruby2.5bill-auger
2019-02-06add new firefox addonsbill-auger