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Add more refs randomly looking on the FSF page.ref-and-id
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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
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--- a/blacklist.txt
+++ b/blacklist.txt
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ abiword-plugins:abiword-libre-plugins::: supports nonfree fonts
abiword:abiword-libre::: supports nonfree fonts
abs:abs::: change default abs.conf to use Parabola servers
abuse:abuse-libre:fsf:Free_Abuse_Extensions: contains an nonfree addon
-acetoneiso2:::: ask to download and install nonfree poweriso
+acetoneiso2::fsf:AcetoneISO: ask to download and install nonfree poweriso
acpi_call:acpi_call-libre::: adapted to nonfree linux kernel
acpi_call-lts:acpi_call-libre-lts::: adapted to nonfree linux-lts kernel
acpidump:acpidump-libre::: source contains nonfree linux kernel
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ d4x::::
dangerdeep-data:::: non commercial license [[issue262]]
dangerdeep:::: needs nonfree data
dina-font:::: using it for "for anything illegal" not allowed
-dosemu:::: contains free software that can only be built using nonfree software
+dosemu::fsf:dosemu: contains free software that can only be built using nonfree software
doublecmd-gtk2:doublecmd-libre-gtk2::: recommends libunrar optional installation
doublecmd-qt:doublecmd-libre-qt::: recommends libunrar optional installation
dvdrip:dvdrip-libre::: depends and recommends unrar optional installation
@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ pilot-link:::: recommend using nonfree software palmOS
playonlinux::parabola:278: has a collection of scripts to download and install proprietary software for Windows
ponysay:ponysay-libre:parabola:206: contains nonfree pony graphics
povray:povray-libre::: contains nonfree documentation [CC by-nc-sa] see: (POV-Ray below 3.7 version are nonfree software)
-poweriso:::: freeware
+poweriso::fsf:AcetoneISO: freeware
psi:psi::: rebranding
psutils:psutils-libre:fsf:psutils: has nonfree files