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unace, unarj: fill descriptions in
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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
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--- a/blacklist.txt
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@@ -728,8 +728,8 @@ uboot-usbarmory:uboot-usbarmory:::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel
uboot-wandboard:uboot-wandboard:::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel
uboot-zedboard::::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel and ArchARM version was not built from source
udev-compat::::[technical] this is a corrupt leftover package in Arch ARM's .db files that prevents us from populating parabolaweb properly
-unace::::[nonfree] [FIXME:description]
-unarj:arj:::[nonfree] [FIXME:description]
+unace::::[nonfree] license forbids making competing ACE archivers
+unarj:arj:::[nonfree] license forbids making competing ARJ archivers
unetbootin::fsf:unetbootin:[semifree] it lists many non-fsdg operating systems. Remove or change the list of distros available. FUSBi is a fork which does so
unp:unp:parabola:715:[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unace, unrar and unarj optional installation