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+The *blacklist.txt files consist of lines in the following format:
+ original-package:libre-replacement:ref:id:description
+original-package is Arch binary package name, libre-replacement is the
+-libre package that provides and replaces the original-package or
+empty if there is no compatible replacement.
+ref is described by the following table:
+ debian: &debian
+ fsf: &fsf
+ savannah: &sv
+ fedora: &fedora
+ parabola: &parabola
+Use the value after & as the ref column value, the URL pointed by it and
+concatenated with the id field should point to an issue
+reporting/describing the reason for the package being blacklisted.
+We should prefer fsf refs, since they are easily available for other
+distros. Hopefully some lines will move from parabola:X to fsf:Y with
+the LibrePlanet wiki linking to the X issue on
+To make reporting issues to gnu-linux-libre easier, we should explain
+in the description if the package is blacklisted due to an upstream FSDG
+issue, problem introduced by Arch (e.g. not including required license
+text, adding optional dependency on a nonfree package), or just
+branding, dependency or non-freedom-related issues which don't need
+reporting to other distros.