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remove libva-mesa-driver/mesa-vdpau/opencl-mesa/vulkan-intel/vulkan-radeon from the blacklist
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@@ -7,12 +7,6 @@ tmon:linux-libre-tools-tmon::: [semifree] (li
turbostat:linux-libre-tools-turbostat::: [semifree] (linux-tools) Build from the Linux-libre kernel
usbip:linux-libre-tools-usbip::: [semifree] (linux-tools) Build from the Linux-libre kernel
x86_energy_perf_policy:linux-libre-tools-x86_energy_perf_policy:::[semifree] (linux-tools) Build from the Linux-libre kernel
-mesa:mesa:::[uses-nonfree] [uses-nonfree] (mesa) Recommends nonfree software in /etc/drirc
-libva-mesa-driver:libva-mesa-driver:::[technical] (mesa) Rebuilt as part of the 'mesa' package
-mesa-vdpau:mesa-vdpau::: [technical] (mesa) Rebuilt as part of the 'mesa' package
-opencl-mesa:opencl-mesa::: [technical] (mesa) Rebuilt as part of the 'mesa' package
-vulkan-intel:vulkan-intel::: [technical] (mesa) Rebuilt as part of the 'mesa' package
-vulkan-radeon:vulkan-radeon::: [technical] (mesa) Rebuilt as part of the 'mesa' package
abiword:abiword:::[semifree] Hard-codes nonfree fonts, and has non-privacy search engines e.g. Google
abs:abs:::[branding] Change default abs.conf to use Parabola servers
abuse:abuse:fsf:Free_Abuse_Extensions:[semifree] Contains a nonfree addon
@@ -448,6 +442,7 @@ mc:mc:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unace, unrar and unarj optional instal
mcomix:mcomix:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unrar optional installation for RAR compressed comics
memtest86+:memtest86+:::[technical] Arch version was not built from source
mencoder:mencoder:::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree package faac, Parabola use mencoder, without dependency of faac
+mesa:mesa:::[uses-nonfree] (mesa) Recommends nonfree software in /etc/drirc
mesa-demos:mesa-demos:fsf:mesademos:[semifree] The 'pointblast' and 'spriteblast' demos are nonfree
messengerfordesktop::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree electron
midori:midori:::[uses-nonfree] has non-privacy search engines