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blacklist pkg-config for technical reasons
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@@ -564,6 +564,7 @@ perl-soap-lite::::[semifree] is GPL/PerlArtistic License with CC-by-nd on docume
#perl-x11-protocol:perl-x11-protocol:::[FIXME:description] is GPL/PerlArtistic and custom ( License and not GPL/PerlArtistic, see (in source code):
perl-yaml-tiny::::[uses-nonfree] free but makedepends perl-module-build-tiny(perl-extutils-config->perl-data-dumper)
phpvirtualbox::::[uses-nonfree] only useful with virtualbox
+pkg-config:pkgconf:::[technical] Obsolete package, but for some reason ALARM hasn't removed it yet. Having it and pkgconf makes base-devel uninstallable.
pkgstats::::[branding] [FIXME:package] sends a list of all installed packages, the architecture and the mirror you are using to the Arch Linux project rebranding
playonlinux::parabola:278:[nonfree] has a collection of scripts to download and install proprietary software for Windows
ponysay:ponysay:parabola:206:[semifree] contains nonfree pony graphics