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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
index e59840a..a9b629f 100644
--- a/blacklist.txt
+++ b/blacklist.txt
@@ -736,7 +736,7 @@ unrar:unar:fsf:unrar:[nonfree]
unzip:unzip:::[semifree] contains a source file that doesn't mention modification
urbanterror::::[uses-nonfree] GPL2, but it can use together with proprietary data only
urbanterror-data::::[nonfree] proprietary, it permits distribute together with the game only
-vapoursynth-plugin-fluxsmooth:::parabola:630:[nonfree] no license
+vapoursynth-plugin-fluxsmooth::parabola:630:[nonfree] no license
veracrypt::parabola:1139:[nonfree] partially licensed under the terms of the TrueCrypt License 3.0 which is nonfree ->
vhba-module:vhba-module:::[technical] adapted to nonfree linux kernel
vhba-module-dkms:vhba-module-dkms:::[technical] Recompile for linux-libre kernel instead of linux kernel