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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
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--- a/blacklist.txt
+++ b/blacklist.txt
@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ caprine::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree electron
carla::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree linuxsampler
cdrtools:cdrkit:::[semifree] Apple's license binding with no clarification (apple_driver utility is nonfree)
cgminer::::[uses-nonfree] only useful with nonfree video drivers
-chromium::::[uses-nonfree][technical][FIXME:package] (1) links to proprietary plugins (2) probably not entirely built from sources
+chromium::::[uses-nonfree][technical][FIXME:package] (1) links to proprietary plugins (2) background queries and silent user identification violate the FSDG (3) not entirely built from sources. see
pepper-flash::parabola:1386:[nonfree] proprietary Adobe Computer Software License Agreement, missing sources
cinelerra-cv::::[uses-nonfree] needs nonfree faac
clamav:clamav:::[semifree] has nonfree unrar support for RAR into libclamunrar
@@ -672,7 +672,7 @@ python-tensorflow-opt-cuda::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree cuda and cudnn
python-unrardll::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree libunrar
qsampler::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree linuxsampler
-qt5-webengine::parabola:1167:[semifree][FIXME:package] contains nonfree codecs{{citation needed}}, embeds parts of Chromium{{which?}}
+qt5-webengine::parabola:1167:[uses-nonfree][FIXME:package] Arch enables proprietary codecs at build time. suspect of repeating some of chromium's mistakes, see
qt5-webview::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree qt5-webengine
qtcreator:qtcreator:::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree qt5-webengine
qupzilla::::[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree qt5-webengine and has non-privacy search engines eg: Google, Youtube