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your-privacy: add amarok, kipi-plugins-libre and libkvkontakte to your-privacy's blacklist
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diff --git a/your-privacy-blacklist.txt b/your-privacy-blacklist.txt
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--- a/your-privacy-blacklist.txt
+++ b/your-privacy-blacklist.txt
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
account-plugins:::: useful only with Gwibber and unsafe and dangerous for privacy services
+amarok:amarok-nonprism:::: provides support for Amazon MP3 store
amsn:::: support only MSN
banshee:banshee-nonprism::: depends of gdata-sharp
bitlbee-libre:bitlbee-libre-nonprism::: provides support for MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Twitter
@@ -35,12 +36,14 @@ kde-meta-kdeplasma-addons:kde-meta-kdeplasma-addons-nonprism::: depends of kdepl
kdenetwork-kopete-libre:kdenetwork-kopete-libre-nonprism::: contains prism services
kdepim-runtime:kdepim-runtime-nonprism::: depends of libkgapi
kdeplasma-addons-runners-translator:::: only useful with Google Translator service
+kipi-plugins-libre:kipi-plugins-libre-nonprism::: contains prism services
libgadu:::: only useful with Gadu-Gadu service
libgdata:::: provides support for unsafe and dangerous for privacy services
libkfbapi:::: only useful with Facebook service
libkgapi:::: useful just with Google services
libmsn:::: only useful for MSN support in kdenetwork-kopete-libre
libpurple:libpurple-nonprism::: provides support for unsafe and dangerous for privacy services
+libkvkontakte:::: only useful with VK (VKontakte) service
licq:lxmpp::: contains prism services and recommend ICQ service
naim:nxmpp::: contains prism services and recommend AIM service
papyon:::: only useful with MSN