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authorDavid P <>2019-10-09 22:15:17 -0300
committerDavid P <>2019-10-09 22:15:17 -0300
commit40c6454dd8fee415cdb1d608d9c595c4923d84fa (patch)
parentafda8af0c8eb56759582328f97de0abeb95cdd46 (diff)
remove kodi-debug
that package (which, like all -debug pkgs) shouldn't be in the repos, and that's why Arch doesn't upload them there, but we have it :/ Signed-off-by: David P <>
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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
index 0597e96..9ff5a33 100644
--- a/blacklist.txt
+++ b/blacklist.txt
@@ -366,7 +366,6 @@ kio:kio:parabola:1066:[uses-nonfree] has non-privacy search engines by default
kipi-plugins:kipi-plugins:::[semifree] recommends nonfree email clients
kodi:kodi:parabola:2503:[semifree] contains nonfree decompression engine for RAR archives and support for nonfree addons
kodi-bin:kodi-bin:parabola:2503:[technical] part of 'kodi' split package
-kodi-debug:kodi-debug:parabola:2503:[technical] part of 'kodi' split package
kodi-dev:kodi-dev:parabola:2503:[technical] part of 'kodi' split package
kodi-eventclients:kodi-eventclients:parabola:2503:[technical] part of 'kodi' split package
kodi-gbm:kodi-gbm:parabola:2503:[technical] part of 'kodi' split package