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diff --git a/blacklist.txt b/blacklist.txt
index 82584ea..fe55805 100644
--- a/blacklist.txt
+++ b/blacklist.txt
@@ -315,9 +315,10 @@ foomatic-db-nonfree-ppds::::[nonfree] clearly non free :P
fop:fop:sv:34579:[FIXME:description] (the linked bug is about batik, not fop...)
freerdp:freerdp:parabola:2332:[uses-nonfree] Upstream version now requires non-free faac
frogatto-data::::[nonfree] nonfree data
-frogatto::::[uses-nonfree] needs -data
+frogatto::::[uses-nonfree] requires non-free 'frogatto-data' package
gemrb::parabola:658:[uses-nonfree] requires nonfree content to play
geogebra::::[nonfree][technical][FIXME:package] Arch version is packaged from installers under noncommercial license, but free sources could be repackaged in principle ->
+ghostwriter::parabola:1155:[uses-nonfree] depends on nonfree qt5-webengine
gigedit::::[uses-nonfree] only useful with nonfree linuxsampler
gloobus-preview:gloobus-preview:::[uses-nonfree] recommends nonfree unrar optional installation
gnome-boxes:gnome-boxes:parabola:517:[uses-nonfree] contains artwork for non-FSDG compliant distros and operating systems