AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-30blacklisting electron5Andreas Grapentin
2019-10-29Revert "unblacklist openexr"Andreas Grapentin
This reverts commit 6a4d002d25a067e49b78cc4ca0a923fc5d762b34.
2019-10-28unblacklist openexrAndreas Grapentin
2019-10-28add bug reference for 'openexr'bill-auger
2019-10-22add musescorebill-auger
2019-10-09remove kodi-debugDavid P
that package (which, like all -debug pkgs) shouldn't be in the repos, and that's why Arch doesn't upload them there, but we have it :/ Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-10-07fix sigil entrybill-auger
2019-10-07add kodi split packagesbill-auger
2019-10-07add entry counts to check.shbill-auger
2019-09-30remove unsupported pkgsDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-09-16Add discord, fix issue #2489Freemor
2019-09-06add ttf-joypixelsbill-auger
2019-09-06Replace sigil with [libre/sigil] which is frozen before the need for ↵Freemor
2019-09-06more accurate decriptions for quassel-*bill-auger
2019-09-03add browserpass-firefox and new firefox lang packsbill-auger
2019-09-03add descriptions to firefox lang packsbill-auger
2019-08-09[carla]: remove - no longer includes linuxsamplerbill-auger
2019-08-09add note about sorting to READMEbill-auger
2019-08-09add quassel-*bill-auger
2019-08-09bugfix/refactor chech.shbill-auger
2019-08-09replace 'pyqt5' entries with new 'pyqtwebengine' split packagesbill-auger
2019-07-30Blacklist [community/electron4] Because electronFreemor
2019-07-08remove sopcastDavid P
removed by upstream Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-06-28Update documentation for [community/opera] blacklist. Add ↵Freemor
opera-ffmpeg-codecs as it is solely there for non-free opera
2019-06-19blacklist [community/keybase-gui] Depends on electron.Freemor
2019-06-17Remove kinfocenter -> Vega Ramos
2019-06-16blacklist.txt: remove kio-extras, it does not recommend qt5-webengine anymoreDavid P
also remove some deprecated lib32 pkgs and fix a little thing in find-deprecated-pkgs script Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-06-12blacklist [community/freerdp] which now requires faac. Replace with ↵Freemor
2019-06-12Blacklist [community/awesome-terminal-fonts] and [community/lsd] to close #2331Freemor
2019-04-23Add lutris to blacklist almost entirely [recommends non-free]. Few free ↵Freemor
things it offers can be installed elsewise
2019-03-23add new linux-armv7 kernelsDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-03-09Remove pyqt5-common, python-pyqt5, python2-pyqt5Omar Vega Ramos
2019-02-26added thunderbird-extension-enigmailAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26added root-cudaAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26adding libksysguardAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26adding libkgapiAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-26adding missing firefox-i18n-* packagesAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-24blacklist.txt: add libxnvctrl-340xx and libxnvctrl-390xxDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-02-23blacklist.txt: add acpi_call-dkms and libsynctexDavid P
libsynctex is a split pkg from texlive-bin also improve find-deprecated-pkgs a bit Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-02-19Add systemd-libs to the blacklistOmar Vega Ramos
2019-02-17unblacklist apache-ant: upstream package is called ant now, and is built ↵Andreas Grapentin
from source.
2019-02-14blacklisting tensorflow correctly, and bazelAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-12blacklist marble common ( Grapentin
2019-02-10sort entriesbill-auger
2019-02-10delete bang chars for sortingbill-auger
2019-02-10add 'sort-entries' script and non-uniform sort warning to ''bill-auger
2019-02-10specify long description reference to be mandatorybill-auger
2019-02-10blacklist teamspeak3-serverAndreas Grapentin
2019-02-07add BR ref to qt5-webengine entriesbill-auger
2019-02-06add ruby2.5bill-auger