AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
11 daysremove dropped libxnvctrl-390xxHEADmasterbill-auger
2020-05-14bugfix resultsbill-auger
2020-05-14add gst-plugins-bad-libs (split package with gst-plugins-bad)bill-auger
2020-05-11add gnome-twitchDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-05-01add wire-desktopDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-04-14texlive-bin: adding reference issueAndreas Grapentin
2020-04-13remove electron2 and wireguard-archDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-04-10remove psutils from blacklist.txtOmar Vega Ramos
2020-04-08add bug reference for calibre split packagesbill-auger
2020-04-08fix broken calibre entry and add bug referencebill-auger
2020-04-08add bug reference for vim pluginsbill-auger
2020-04-08add [technical] tag to linux-tools entriesbill-auger
2020-04-08add bug reference for chromiumbill-auger
2020-04-08normalize language-packs descriptionsbill-auger
2020-04-08add description for thubderbird add-onsbill-auger
2020-03-20remove nvidia-390xx multilib pkgsDavid P
those pkgs where all deleted in Arch and ALARM (the non-multilib ones), but not yet in Arch 32 Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-02-08aur-blacklist: fix phoronix-test-suiteDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
Looking in abslibre/libre I see: - linux-libre: it's the name of the project - winetricks-libre: it's also the name of the project So phoronix-test-suite should be packaged with the same name. If we look at konqueror entry in the blacklist, it also has a replacement package with the same name. Signed-off-by: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <>
2020-02-08Add phoronix-test-suite to aur-blacklistDenis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
Signed-off-by: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli <>
2020-02-01remove deprecated pkgsDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-01-31added ndiswrapper-arch to blacklistAndreas Grapentin
2020-01-31corrected package name deepin-anything-moduleAndreas Grapentin
2020-01-31adding deepin-anything to [libre]Andreas Grapentin
2020-01-31adding wireguard and wireguard-lts to [libre]Andreas Grapentin
2020-01-21remove pyrit from blacklist.txtOmar Vega Ramos
2020-01-14[signon-ui]: add packagebill-auger
2020-01-13added issues for bazel and tensorflowAndreas Grapentin
2020-01-12remove ruby2.5David P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2020-01-10[electron6]: add to listbill-auger
2020-01-08Remove deprecated packagesDavid P
also update find-deprecated-pkgs to support .pkg.tar.zst package extension Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-12-14move sorting into, log to file, add summarybill-auger
2019-12-14sort entriesbill-auger
2019-12-14add reference for 'antlr2', 'python-antlr2'bill-auger
2019-12-12added linux-raspberrypi4* to blacklistAndreas Grapentin
2019-11-24[calibre-common][calibre-python3]: add new split packagesbill-auger
2019-11-17[nextcloud-client]: add libre replacementbill-auger
2019-11-15[gna-unrar]: package was removed from [pcr]bill-auger
abslibre log: commit 4529806b37d7e15ea64d7217d27b027c62cc7b6e Author: Andreas Grapentin <> Date: Sun Feb 10 00:52:39 2019 +0100 pcr/gna-unrar: unbuilt and unloved. removed
2019-11-06[geoclue]: renamed from geoclue2bill-auger
2019-11-03add 'base' metapackageDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-10-31add 'code' (aka: vscode)bill-auger
2019-10-31add 'asar'bill-auger
2019-10-31add references for 'atom', 'caprine'bill-auger
2019-10-31sort entriesbill-auger
2019-10-30update your-initfreedom-blacklist.txtDavid P
Signed-off-by: David P <>
2019-10-30blacklisting electron5Andreas Grapentin
2019-10-29Revert "unblacklist openexr"Andreas Grapentin
This reverts commit 6a4d002d25a067e49b78cc4ca0a923fc5d762b34.
2019-10-28unblacklist openexrAndreas Grapentin
2019-10-28add bug reference for 'openexr'bill-auger
2019-10-22add musescorebill-auger