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2019-06-16blacklist.txt: remove kio-extras, it does not recommend qt5-webengine anymoreDavid P
2019-02-23blacklist.txt: add acpi_call-dkms and libsynctexDavid P
2018-10-02find-deprecated-pkgs: save some lines of codeDavid P
2018-09-11remove wrong 'fi' at add_parabola_mirrors()David P
2018-09-06find-deprecated-pkgs: add add_parabola_mirrors() functionDavid P
2018-09-06find-deprecated-pkgs: advise when there are no pkgs to removeDavid P
2018-09-05find-deprecated-pkgs: be more preciseDavid P
2018-09-05remove deprecated pkgsDavid P
2018-07-15find-deprecated-pkgs: add useful info in usage()David P
2018-06-25find-deprecated-pkgs: improve message functionsDavid P
2018-06-24find-deprecated-pkgs: add submsg() functionDavid P
2018-06-22find-deprecated-pkgs: update usageDavid P
2018-05-21fix-deprecated-pkgs: major fixDavid P
2018-05-17minor changes to find-deprecated-pkgsDavid P
2018-05-17find-deprecated-pkgs: check if the system is connected to internetDavid P
2018-05-17improve find-deprecated-pkgsDavid P
2018-05-16add find-deprecated-pkgs scriptDavid P