AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-16tweaks for v3.2.8v3.2.8-parabola2merge-2019-05bill-auger
2019-05-14rename 'ring' package to 'jami'bill-auger
2019-05-12merged upstream v3.2.8v3.2.8-parabola1bill-auger
2019-05-10[fsresizer] Fix testsAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10CMake: pre-release housekeepingAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10Merge branch 'issue-1145'Adriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[bootloader] Fix typo'sAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[bootloader] Convert to strAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[bootloader] Centralize the filename sanitizerAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10i18n: [python] Automatic merge of Transifex translationsCalamares CI
2019-05-10i18n: [calamares] Automatic merge of Transifex translationsCalamares CI
2019-05-10Changes: document GeoIP in welcome moduleAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10Merge branch 'shuffle-geoip'Adriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[welcome] Lookup GeoIP language and pass to language widgetAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Support looking up translation by 2-letter countryAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Add convenience accessor for translationsAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] const-data retrieval is const for LabelModelAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Move more into the locale serviceAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[welcome] Use the new locale lookup after GeoIP gets a 2-letter codeAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Fix build of testsAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10Merge branch 'master' into shuffle-geoipAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[welcome] Provide API for updating the countryAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10Merge branch 'cldr-data'Adriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Implement locale lookups for 2-character codesAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Add generated locale data tablesAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Add the first locale-data C++ infraAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Also output size of locale-tablesAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Tidy up the CLDR script, add license, make more pythonicAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-10[libcalamares] Start on a locale-data subdirectoryAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[welcome] Support GeoIP country lookupAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[libcalamares] Selector wasn't saved for later queriesAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[libcalamares] Implement "raw" handlingAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[libcalamares] Add "raw" support for extracting data from GeoIPAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09Changes: document MiB changeAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09Merge branch 'issue-1129'Adriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[partition] Replace user-visible MB with MiBAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[partition] Comment w/ MiB instead of MBAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[partition] Tidy labels viewAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09Changes: Credits to Arnaud for 2 PRsAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09[mount] Update copyright noticeKevin Kofler
2019-05-09[partition] Fix tests to use "MiB" terminologyAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09mount: copy the SELinux context of the host directory to the mountpointKevin Kofler
2019-05-09Merge pull request #1144 from a-wai/factor-partsize-classAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-09Merge pull request #1142 from a-wai/fix-sidebar-label-setup-modeAdriaan de Groot
2019-05-08[partition] Remove deprecated sizeToSectors() functionArnaud Ferraris
2019-05-08[partition] Switch to using the generic PartitionSize classArnaud Ferraris
2019-05-08[fsresizer] Switch to using the generic PartitionSize classArnaud Ferraris
2019-05-08[libcalamares] Add generic PartitionSize classArnaud Ferraris
2019-05-08[partition] Move bytesToSectors() to CalamaresUtils namespaceArnaud Ferraris