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parabolaadd patchbill-auger3 years
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2019-06-05add patchparabolabill-auger
2019-06-05restore parabola branding and remove default 'top-sites' and search optionsbill-auger
2019-06-05Bug 1552809 - Enable Bookmark panel messages to work without translations (#5...Andrei Oprea
2019-06-05Bug 1542863 - Adding feed load fail fallback. (#5085)ScottDowne
2019-06-05Bug 1554293 - Make sure pocket cards are optimized for screen readers (#5086)Emily McMinn
2019-05-30Bug 1548697 - Upgrade prod dependencies (#5073)Andrei Oprea
2019-05-30Bug 1553375 - Remove react prerendering of placeholders (props, actions, tele...Ed Lee
2019-05-30Bug 1555393 - Remove activity-stream-prerender.jsx and build code (#5081)Ed Lee
2019-05-29chore(l10n): Update from l10n-central Wed May 29 2019 14:34:55 GMT-0700 (PDT)Ed Lee
2019-05-29Bug 1555391 - Remove PrerenderData.jsm and usages (#5080)Kate Hudson