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-Here is all of the Parabola artwork from the mailing list and around
-the web that I could find; excluding everything on as
-part of the quest for a new official logo.
+Here is most of the Parabola artwork from the mailing list and around
+the web that I could find.
-One file was not included because there was no stated license for it;
-I have emailed the author and will include it pending his reply.
-There was also some artwork hosted on the old bug tracker, which I
-have not yet scavenged, notably at
- <>
-All of the data for it is still on the server, but I have not
-determined the best way to harvest it. I will included that artwork
-once I figure out how to access it.
+Notably/intentionally not included are:
+ * The artwork at
+ <>
+ As no license was specified; I have emailed the author about this.
+ * The artwork uploaded to, specifically
+ <>, as that service
+ is no longer online. There are backups of the data though, but I
+ have not yet figured out how to read it.
+ * The artwork linked to and uploaded at
+ And other places on I might at some point, but a
+ lot of it is incremental and being decided on.
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