AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-10db-update: Allow packages from ALARM not built in a chrootHEADmasterLuke Shumaker
2018-10-08db-import-any: Fix comm usageLuke Shumaker
2018-10-08db-import-keyring: Don't fail on no-op runsparabola/20181008Luke Shumaker
2018-10-08test: db-import-{any,keyring}: Test no-op runs [ci-skip]Luke Shumaker
2018-10-08db-update: Allow packages from ALARM that don't have .BUILDINFOLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Merge branch 'lukeshu/rebase/master'Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: Documentationlukeshu/rebase/masterLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: db-initLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: db-check-*Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: torrentsLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: db-importLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: db-cleanupLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: systemd filesLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add from Parabola: ConfigLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-update: Clean up empty directories in $STAGINGLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-update: Stage files to the 'other' and 'sources' directoriesLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07cron-jobs/sourceballs: Use the system makepkg.confLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07rm testing2xLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-functions: use librelib instead of having copies hereLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Makefile: `make check` instead of `make test`, per GNU conventionsLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Don't use Docker for the test suite / use libremakepkgLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Revert "Disable integrity check for i686"Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07config: readlink BASH_SOURCE[0] to find config.localLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Normalize to the indentation settings in .editorconfigLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move, db-remove: Require explicitly prefixing "pkgname=" to use pkgnameLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: db-move: Verify that it accepts pkgname [ci-skip]Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move, db-remove: Have more informative outputLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Have vcs_remove take $tarch instread of $pkgarchLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-remove: Don't assume that the list of pkgnames is the same for every tarchLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: db-remove: Verify that it handles pkgnames list differing between arche...Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-update: Compute repos=() in a single passLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: common.bash: Fixtures don't contain directories; drop "-r" from cpLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move: Pull msg2 output from abs_move_arch() to the main db-moveLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Minor cosmetic improvementsLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07config: Be friendly with `set -e` programsLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test/lib/common.bash: Add the bash-hint shebang used in other filesLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Remove unused variablesLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Improve quotingLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Add a VCS=none that does nothing, use it instead of VCS=svnLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07s/svn/vcs/ where appropriateLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move, db-functions-svn: Simplify calling the vcs_move_* functionsLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: Centralize all SVN access in to 'vcs*' functions in the 'common-svn.bas...Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07Centralize all SVN access into 'vcs_*' functions in the 'db-functions-svn' fileLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Preliminary work to break out svn-specific code.Eli Schwartz
2018-10-07testing2x: Discover correct repos based on the DBEXT files, not SVNLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move: Clarify the flow of the preflight checkLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07db-move, db-remove: Don't parse PKGBUILD filesLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07Don't parse .db files ourselves; use expac insteadLuke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: Resolve "TODO: Does not fail if one arch is missing"Luke Shumaker
2018-10-07test: db-remove: Verify that it accepts pkgname (in addition to pkgbase)Luke Shumaker