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+<!ENTITY ice.title
+'The Book of Ice, 10:13'>
+<!ENTITY ice.quote
+'And thus the beast grew powerful, and <em>fire</em> and <em>thunder</em>
+swept the land. But <em>Mammon</em> stirred in their hearts, and the beast
+<em>Foundered</em>, and its <em>Corpse</em> arose, and commanded "thou shalt
+not fly in my name." And the blazes shall <em>freeze cold</em>, and the souls
+of the followers of <em>Mammon</em> shall learn to <em>tremble</em> in the
+face of <em>ice</em> as they did before the <em>fire</em>.'>
+<!ENTITY ice.from
+'from <strong>The Book of Ice,</strong> 10:13'>