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# NSIS defines for nightly builds.
# The release build branding.nsi is located in other-license/branding/thunderbird/
-!define BrandShortName "Icedove"
# BrandFullNameInternal is used for some registry and file system values
# instead of BrandFullName and typically should not be modified.
-!define BrandFullNameInternal "Icedove Mail/News"
-!define CompanyName ""
-!define URLInfoAbout ""
-!define URLUpdateInfo ""
-!define SurveyURL "${AppVersion}/${AB_CD}/exit.html"
-# Everything below this line may be modified for Alpha / Beta releases.
-!define BrandFullName "Icedove"
-# Add !define NO_INSTDIR_FROM_REG to prevent finding a non-default installation
-# directory in the registry and using that as the default. This prevents
-# Beta releases built with official branding from finding an existing install
-# of an official release and defaulting to its installation directory.
+!define BrandFullNameInternal "Parabola Icedove"
+!define BrandFullName "Parabola Icedove"
+!define CompanyName "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre"
+!define URLInfoAbout ""
+!define URLUpdateInfo ""
+!define URLSystemRequirements ""
+!define SurveyURL ""