AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-18updated branding patches for icedove 68.268.2-168.2Andreas Grapentin
2019-03-09updated branding patches for icedove- Grapentin
2017-09-05renamed pkgver to brandingverAndreas Grapentin
2017-05-12updated branding patches for icedove-52.152.1-152.1Andreas Grapentin
2017-05-09importing 45.5.0-1 sources from Grapentin
2017-05-09importing 38.6.0-2 sources from Grapentin
2017-05-09importing 38.6.0-1 sources from Grapentin
2017-05-09initial commit - infrastructure to create release tarballs from icedove brand...Andreas Grapentin