BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fauno/newrootAllow installation after the first passNicolás Reynolds8 years
fauno/recutilsABS to recutilsNicolás Reynolds8 years fix quotingIsaac David2 years
lukeshu/librecheckWIPLuke Shumaker7 years
masterchange chroot mirror to winstonbill-auger5 months
ticgitorigin pullNicolas Reynolds9 years
v20190907commit 0e6f16fd96...bill-auger5 months
v20181004commit 5fd5b23c74...Luke Shumaker18 months
v20180920commit d32af77762...Luke Shumaker19 months
v20180829commit 03de6a7778...Luke Shumaker19 months
v20180826commit 3ff5d7ac01...Luke Shumaker19 months
v20180815commit c24cf05d2f...Luke Shumaker20 months
v20180806commit 7a16e91350...Luke Shumaker20 months
v20180804commit 646ac0258c...Luke Shumaker20 months
v20180530commit bc832adf33...Luke Shumaker22 months
v20180520commit a822fc9fde...Luke Shumaker23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-11-28teach libremakepkg "-m" to use a different command than "makepkg"v20121128.1Luke Shumaker
2012-11-28Rewrite libremakepkg to not use makechrootpkgLuke Shumaker
2012-11-28reorganize, add a few features to librechrootLuke Shumaker
2012-11-28fix getopts for libremkchrootLuke Shumaker
2012-11-28libretools.conf: set LIBREUSER and LIBREHOMELuke Shumaker
2012-11-28clean up aurv20121128Luke Shumaker
2012-11-28libretools.conf: remove libretools from CHROOTEXTRAPKG, it is being added to ...Luke Shumaker
2012-11-28libretools.conf: force CHROOT != rootLuke Shumaker
2012-11-28take (some) advantage of chroottools, fix some compatability thingsLuke Shumaker
2012-11-28chroot-tools: disable overriding CHROOTDIR at the command lineLuke Shumaker