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authorLuke Shumaker <>2018-08-03 13:05:42 -0400
committerLuke Shumaker <>2018-08-03 13:05:42 -0400
commitaf1549f2aec7ade0f563a6318a9ab1b9790ba4d9 (patch)
parentc39a7defdf983b21f6c678e3e81a043cb074f0c7 (diff)
po/es: msgmerge -Fi --update --previous
This results in a few fuzzy entries; it's just changing from %s to %q; I can merge those.
1 files changed, 21 insertions, 21 deletions
diff --git a/po/es/libretools.po b/po/es/libretools.po
index c728adc..50a9aa3 100644
--- a/po/es/libretools.po
+++ b/po/es/libretools.po
@@ -528,69 +528,69 @@ msgstr "No hay paquetes para remover"
msgid "Removing %d packages"
msgstr "Removiendo %d paquetes"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:40
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:38
msgid "panic: malformed call to internal function"
msgstr "pánico: llamada malformada a la función interna"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:46 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:72
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:44 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:70
msgid "ERROR:"
msgstr "ERROR:"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:56
-msgid "Usage: %s COMMAND [COMMAND-ARGS]"
-msgstr "Uso: %s COMANDO [ARGUMENTOS]"
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:54
+msgid "Usage: %q COMMAND [COMMAND-ARGS]"
+msgstr "Uso: %q COMANDO [ARGUMENTOS]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:57
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:55
msgid "Tool for using distcc within a networkless chroot"
msgstr "Herramienta para usar distcc dentro de un chroot sin red"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:59 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:57 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
msgid "Commands:"
msgstr "Comandos:"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:60
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:58
msgid " help print this message"
msgstr " ayuda muestra este mensaje"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:61
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:59
msgid " odaemon CHROOTPATH daemon to run outside of the chroot"
msgstr " odaemon RUTACHROOT demonio para ejecutar fuera del chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:62
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:60
msgid " idaemon DISTCC_HOSTS daemon to run inside of the chroot"
msgstr " ideamon DISTCC_HOSTS demonio para ejecutar dentro del chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:63
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:61
msgid " rewrite DISTCC_HOSTS prints a rewritten version of DISTCC_HOSTS"
msgstr " rewrite DISTCC_HOSTS muestra una version reescrita de DISTCC_HOSTS"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:64
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:62
msgid " client HOST PORT connects stdio to TCP:$HOST:$PORT"
msgstr " client HOST PORT conecta stdio a TCP:$HOST:$PORT"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:65
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:63
msgid "Commands: for internal use"
msgstr "Comandos: para uso interno"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:66
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:64
msgid " server counterpart to client; spawned by odaemon"
msgstr " servidor contraparte al cliente; engendrado por "
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:83 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:86
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:89 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:92
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:81 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:84
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:87 src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:90
msgid "%s: invalid number of arguments"
msgstr "%s: número de argumentos inválido"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:94
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:92
msgid "unknown subcommand: %s"
msgstr "subcomando desconocido: %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:140
-msgid "%s does not support the +zeroconf option"
-msgstr "%s no soporta la opción +zeroconf"
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:138
+msgid "%q does not support the +zeroconf option"
+msgstr "%q no soporta la opción +zeroconf"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:159
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:157
msgid "Could not parse HOSTSPEC: %s"
msgstr "No se pudo analizar HOSTSPEC: %s"