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diff --git a/po/es/librelib.po b/po/es/librelib.po
index 174ffa1..d5c67ed 100644
--- a/po/es/librelib.po
+++ b/po/es/librelib.po
@@ -70,44 +70,44 @@ msgstr "Descargando la lista negra de paquetes de software privativo"
msgid "Using old local cache of blacklist"
msgstr "Usando copia local de la lista negra"
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Download failed, exiting"
msgstr "Descarga fallida, saliendo"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Usage: blacklist-cat | blacklist-lookup $pkgname"
msgstr "Uso: blacklist-cat | blacklist-lookup $pkgname"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Filters to obtain the line for $pkgname from the blacklist on stdin."
msgstr "Filtra para obtener la línea de $pkgname desde la lista negra en stdin."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Exits successfully whether a line is found or not."
msgstr "Sale con éxito si una línea se encuentra o no."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Usage: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-pkg"
msgstr "Uso: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-pkg"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Prints only the package name field of the blacklist line(s) on stdin."
msgstr ""
"Imprime sólo el campo del nombre del paquete de la(s) línea(s) de la lista"
" negra en stdin."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Usage: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-rep"
msgstr "Uso: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-rep"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid ""
"Prints only the replacement package field of the blacklist line(s) "
"on stdin."
@@ -117,12 +117,12 @@ msgstr ""
"en stdin."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Usage: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-url"
msgstr "Uso: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-url"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid ""
"Prints URLs formed from the reference-id fields of the blacklist "
"line(s) on stdin."
@@ -131,17 +131,17 @@ msgstr ""
"línea(s) de la lista negra en stdin."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Prints an empty line in the absence of reference."
msgstr "Imprime una línea vacía en ausencia de referencia."
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Usage: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-reason"
msgstr "Uso: blacklist-cat | blacklist-get-reason"
#. embedded usage text
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Prints only the reason field of the blacklist line(s) on stdin."
msgstr ""
"Imprime sólo el campo de razón de la(s) línea(s) de la lista negra en stdin."
@@ -158,11 +158,11 @@ msgstr "Abortando..."
msgid "Multiple packages found:"
msgstr "Múltiples paquetes encontrados:"
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Configure '%s' in one of:"
msgstr "Configura '%s' en uno de:"
-#: src/lib/
+#: src/lib/
msgid "Configure '%s' in '%s'"
msgstr "Configura '%s' en '%s'"
@@ -178,19 +178,19 @@ msgstr "Herramienta para trabajar con la lista negra de software no libre"
msgid "Commands:"
msgstr "Comandos:"
-#: src/lib/librelib:50
+#: src/lib/librelib:39
msgid "Usage: . $(%s LIBRARY)"
msgstr "Uso: . $(%s LIBRERÍA)"
-#: src/lib/librelib:51
+#: src/lib/librelib:40
msgid "Usage: %s -h"
msgstr "Uso: %s -h"
-#: src/lib/librelib:52
+#: src/lib/librelib:41
msgid "Finds a Bash library file"
msgstr "Encuentra una archivo librería de Bash"
-#: src/lib/librelib:54
+#: src/lib/librelib:43
msgid ""
"While some libraries can be sourced just by their name because they "
"are installed in PATH (like libremessages), some are not installed "
@@ -203,7 +203,7 @@ msgstr ""
" ruta "
"es el camino del lado oscuro."
-#: src/lib/librelib:59
+#: src/lib/librelib:48
msgid ""
"By default, it looks for the files in `%s`, but this can be changed "
"with the environmental variable LIBRETOOLS_LIBDIR."
@@ -212,19 +212,19 @@ msgstr ""
" cambiarse "
"con la variable ambiental LIBRETOOLS_LIBDIR."
-#: src/lib/librelib:62
+#: src/lib/librelib:51
msgid "Example usage:"
msgstr "Ejemplo de uso:"
-#: src/lib/librelib:65 src/lib/librexgettext:66
+#: src/lib/librelib:54 src/lib/librexgettext:66
msgid "Options:"
msgstr "Opciones:"
-#: src/lib/librelib:66
+#: src/lib/librelib:55
msgid "Show this message"
msgstr "Mostrar este mensaje"
-#: src/lib/librelib:93
+#: src/lib/librelib:82
msgid "%s: could not find library: %s"
msgstr "%s: no se pudo encontrar la librería: %s"
diff --git a/po/es/libretools.po b/po/es/libretools.po
index 48cf801..63177f8 100644
--- a/po/es/libretools.po
+++ b/po/es/libretools.po
@@ -161,7 +161,7 @@ msgstr ""
"repositorio, y no se imprimirá la línea `[REPO]`."
#: src/abslibre-tools/libredbdiff:157 src/abslibre-tools/librerelease:130
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:258 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:162
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:259 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:162
#: src/devtools/find-libdeps:36 src/librefetch/librefetch:80
#: src/pkgbuild-check-nonfree:51 src/pkgbuild-summarize-nonfree:39
#: src/toru/toru-path:46
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ msgid "Don't update anything, just compare already downloaded files."
msgstr "No actualice nada, simplemente compare archivos ya descargados."
#: src/abslibre-tools/libredbdiff:159 src/abslibre-tools/librerelease:136
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:287 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:174
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:288 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:174
#: src/devtools/find-libdeps:39 src/librefetch/librefetch:92
#: src/pkgbuild-check-nonfree:58 src/pkgbuild-summarize-nonfree:41
#: src/toru/toru-path:51
@@ -581,7 +581,7 @@ msgstr "Uso: %s COMANDO [ARGUMENTOS]"
msgid "Tool for using distcc within a networkless chroot"
msgstr "Herramienta para usar distcc dentro de un chroot sin red"
-#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:59 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:269
+#: src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool:59 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:270
msgid "Commands:"
msgstr "Comandos:"
@@ -634,11 +634,11 @@ msgstr "No se pudo analizar HOSTSPEC: %s"
msgid "Auto-generated file already exists, remove it: %s"
msgstr "El archivo generado automáticamente ya existe, quítelo: %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:86
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:87
msgid "Cannot cross-compile for %s on %s"
msgstr "No se puede compilar para %s en %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:88
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:89
msgid ""
"Such a binfmt_misc entry is provided by the %s package. If you have "
"it installed, but still see this message, you may need to restart %s."
@@ -646,15 +646,15 @@ msgstr ""
"Esta entrada binfmt_misc es proporcionada por el paquete %s. Si lo tiene "
"instalado, pero todavía ve este mensaje, puede que tenga que reiniciar %s."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:199
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:200
msgid "Usage: %s [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS...]"
msgstr "Uso: %s [OPCIONES] COMANDO [ARGS...]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:200
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:201
msgid "Interacts with an archroot (arch chroot)."
msgstr "Interactúa con un archroot (arch chroot)."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:202
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:203
msgid ""
"This is configured with `chroot.conf`, either in `/etc/libretools.d/"
"`, or `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/libretools/`. The variables you may set are "
@@ -664,16 +664,16 @@ msgstr ""
"`, o `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/libretools/`. Las variables que puede establecer son "
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:207
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:208
msgid "There may be multiple chroots; they are stored in $CHROOTDIR."
msgstr "Hay múltiples chroots; ellos están guardados en $CHROOTDIR."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:209
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:210
msgid "Each chroot is named; the default is configured with $CHROOT."
msgstr ""
"Cada chroot es nombrado; el predeterminado está configurado con $CHROOT."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:211
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:212
msgid ""
"Each named chroot has a master clean copy (named `root`), and any "
"number of other named copies; the copy used by default is the "
@@ -684,7 +684,7 @@ msgstr ""
"número de otras copias con nombre; la copia utilizada por defecto es el "
"nombre de usuario actual (o $SUDO_USER, o `copy` si es root). "
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:215
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:216
msgid ""
"The full path to the chroot copy is \"$CHROOTDIR/$CHROOT/$COPY\", "
"unless the copy name is manually specified as an absolute path, in "
@@ -695,19 +695,19 @@ msgstr ""
" absoluta, en "
"cuyo caso, esa ruta se utiliza."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:219
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:220
msgid "The current settings for the above variables are:"
msgstr "Los ajustes actuales para las variables anteriores son:"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:220 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:221
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:221 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:222
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:223 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:224
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:224 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:225
msgid "ERROR"
msgstr "ERROR "
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:226
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:227
msgid ""
"If the chroot or copy does not exist, it will be created "
"automatically. A chroot by default contains the packages in the "
@@ -726,7 +726,7 @@ msgstr ""
"paquetes, no las versiones de su sistema. Otras herramientas (tales como "
"como libremakepkg) pueden alterar la configuración."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:234
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:235
msgid ""
"This command will make the following configuration changes in the "
@@ -734,19 +734,19 @@ msgstr ""
"Este comando realizará los siguientes cambios de configuración en el"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:236
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:237
msgid "overwrite `/etc/libretools.d/chroot.conf`"
msgstr "sobreescribir `/etc/libretools.d/chroot.conf`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:237
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:238
msgid "overwrite `/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist`"
msgstr "sobreescribir `/etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:238
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:239
msgid "set `CacheDir` in `/etc/pacman.conf`"
msgstr "establezca `CacheDir` en `/etc/pacman.conf`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:239
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:240
msgid ""
"If a new `pacman.conf` is inserted with the `-C` flag, the change is "
"made after the file is copied in; the `-C` flag doesn't stop the "
@@ -756,7 +756,7 @@ msgstr ""
"hecho después de que el archivo se copia; el parámetro `-C` no detiene el "
"el cambio de ser eficaz."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:243
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:244
msgid ""
"The processor architecture of the chroot is determined by the by "
"`CARCH` variable in the `/etc/makepkg.conf` file inside of the "
@@ -765,11 +765,11 @@ msgstr ""
"La arquitectura del procesador del chroot es determinada por la variable "
"`CATCH` en el archivo `/etc/makepkg.conf` dentro del chroot."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:247
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:248
msgid "The `-A CARCH` flag is *almost* simply an alias for"
msgstr "El indicador `-A CATCH` es *casi* simplemente un alias para"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:251
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:252
msgid ""
"However, before doing that, it actually makes a temporary copy of "
"`pacman.conf`, and sets the `Architecture` line to match the `CARCH` "
@@ -780,7 +780,7 @@ msgstr ""
" línea `CARCH` "
"en `makepkg.conf`. "
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:255
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:256
msgid ""
"Creating a copy, deleting a copy, or syncing a copy can be fairly "
"slow; but are very fast if $CHROOTDIR is on a btrfs partition."
@@ -789,44 +789,44 @@ msgstr ""
" bastante "
"lento; pero son muy rápidos si $CHROOTDIR está en una partición btrfs."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:259 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:164
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:260 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:164
msgid "CHROOT"
msgstr "CHROOT"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:259 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:164
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:260 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:164
msgid "Name of the chroot to use"
msgstr "Nombre del chroot a usar"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:260 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:165
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:261 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:165
msgid "COPY"
msgstr "COPIA"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:260
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:261
msgid "Name of, or absolute path to, the copy to use"
msgstr "Nombre, o ruta absoluta, de la copia a utilizar"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:261
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:262
msgid "Disable networking in the chroot"
msgstr "Deshabilitar la conexión de redes en el chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:262
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:263
msgid "Copy this file to `$copydir/etc/pacman.conf`"
msgstr "Copiar este archivo a `$copydir/etc/pacman.conf`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:262 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:263
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:263 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
#: src/librefetch/librefetch:84
msgid "FILE"
msgstr "ARCHIVO"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:263
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
msgid "Copy this file to `$copydir/etc/makepkg.conf`"
msgstr "Copia este archivo a `$copydir/etc/makepkg.conf`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:265
msgid "CARCH"
msgstr "CARCH"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:264
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:265
msgid ""
"Set the architecture of the copy; simply an alias for the `-C` and `-"
"M` flags, see above."
@@ -835,24 +835,24 @@ msgstr ""
" opciones `-C` y` -"
"M`, vea arriba."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:266 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:166
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:267 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:166
msgid "Bind mount a file or directory, read/write"
msgstr "Enlazar un archivo o directorio, lectura/escritura"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:266 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:267
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:267 src/chroot-tools/librechroot:268
#: src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:166 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:167
msgid "PATH[:PATH]"
msgstr "RUTA[:RUTA]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:267 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:167
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:268 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:167
msgid "Bind mount a file or directory, read-only"
msgstr "Enlazar-montar un archivo o directorio, de solo lectura"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:270
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:271
msgid " Create/copy/delete:"
msgstr " Crear/copiar/eliminar"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:271
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:272
msgid ""
"Do not do anything, but still creates the chroot copy if it does not "
@@ -860,39 +860,39 @@ msgstr ""
"No hacer nada, pero todavía crea la copia del chroot si no "
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:273
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:274
msgid "Sync the copy with the clean (`root`) copy"
msgstr "Sincroniza la copia con la copia limpia (`root`)"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:274
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:275
msgid "Delete the chroot copy"
msgstr "Elimina la copia del chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:275
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:276
msgid " Dealing with packages:"
msgstr " Lidiando con paquetes:"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:276
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:277
msgid "FILES..."
msgstr "ARCHIVOS..."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:276
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:277
msgid "Like `pacman -U FILES...`"
msgstr "Como `pacman -U FILES...`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:277
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:278
msgid "Like `pacman -S NAMES...`"
msgstr "Como `pacman -S NOMBRES...`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:277
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:278
msgid "NAMES..."
msgstr "NOMBRES..."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:278
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:279
msgid "Like `pacman -Syu`"
msgstr "Como `pacman -Syu`"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:279
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:280
msgid ""
"Remove all packages from the chroot copy that are not in base-devel, "
"$CHROOTEXTRAPKG, or named as a dependency in the file `/startdir/"
@@ -902,86 +902,86 @@ msgstr ""
"$CHROOTEXTRAPKG, o nombrado como una dependencia en el archivo`/startdir/"
"PKGBUILD` en la copia chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:283
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:284
msgid " Other:"
msgstr " Otro:"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:284
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:285
msgid "CMD..."
msgstr "CMD..."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:284
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:285
msgid "Run CMD in the chroot copy"
msgstr "Ejecuta CMD en la copia de chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:285
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:286
msgid "Enter an interactive shell in the chroot copy"
msgstr "Entrar a un shell interactivo en la copia de chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:286
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:287
msgid "Clean /repo in the chroot copy"
msgstr "Limpiar /repo en la copia del chroot"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:312
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:313
msgid "Unsupported architecture: %s"
msgstr "Arquitectura no admitida: %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:330
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:331
msgid "Must specify a command"
msgstr "Debe especificar un comando"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:336
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:337
msgid "Unrecognized command: %s"
msgstr "Comando no reconocido: %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:344
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:345
msgid "Command `%s` does not take any arguments: %s"
msgstr "El comando `%s` no toma ningún argumento: %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:351
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:352
msgid "Command `%s` requires at least one file"
msgstr "El comando `%s` requiere al menos un archivo"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:363
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:364
msgid "%s: file(s) not found: %s"
msgstr "%s: archivo(s) no encontrado(s): %s"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:370
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:371
msgid "Command `%s` requires at least one package name"
msgstr "El comando `%s` requiere al menos un nombre de un paquete"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:377
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:378
msgid "Command `%s` requires at least one argument"
msgstr "El comando `%s` requiere al menos un argumento"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:400
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:401
msgid "This program must be run as root."
msgstr "Este programa debe ser ejecutado como root."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:408
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:409
msgid "Input is not a TTY"
msgstr "La entrada no es un TTY"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:411
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:412
msgid "Due to a bug in systemd-nspawn, redirecting stdin is not supported."
msgstr ""
"Debido a un error en systemd-nspawn, el redireccionamiento de stdin no está"
" soportado."
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:419 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:268
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:420 src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg:268
msgid "Waiting for existing lock on chroot copy to be released: [%s]"
msgstr ""
"Esperando que el bloqueo existente en la copia de chroot sea liberado: [%s]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:423
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:424
msgid "Chroot copy is mounted with nosuid or noexec options: [%s]"
msgstr "La copia del chroot se monta con opciones nosuid o noexec: [%s]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:428
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:429
msgid "Creating 'root' copy for chroot [%s]"
msgstr "Creando copia 'root' para el chroot [%s]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:434
+#: src/chroot-tools/librechroot:435
msgid "Syncing copy [%s] with root copy"
msgstr "Sincronizando copia [%s] con la copia root"
@@ -1166,23 +1166,23 @@ msgstr "No se puede crear el subvolumen %s"
msgid "Removing chroot copy [%s]"
msgstr "Eliminando copia del chroot [%s]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Could not download sources."
msgstr "No se pudo descargar las fuentes."
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "This must be run in a directory containing a PKGBUILD."
msgstr "Esto debe ser ejecutado en un directorio con un PKGBUILD."
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Invalid makepkg user."
msgstr "Usuario makepkg inválido."
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "No chroot dir defined, or invalid path '%s'"
msgstr "Directorio del chroot no definido, o ruta inválida '%s'"
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid ""
"Missing chroot dir root directory. Try using: mkarchroot %s/root "
@@ -1191,19 +1191,19 @@ msgstr ""
"%s/root "
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Locking chroot copy [%s]"
msgstr "Bloqueando copia del chroot [%s]"
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Running makepkg as root is not allowed."
msgstr "Ejecutar makepkg como root no está permitido."
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Build failed"
msgstr "Compilación fallida"
-#: src/chroot-tools/
+#: src/chroot-tools/
msgid "Build failed, check %s/build"
msgstr "Compilación fallida, revise %s/build"