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+The build system is built around an automake-like system for GNU Make
+that I wrote. It is documented in `automake.txt`. It provides all of
+the standard targets and such; you tell it what to do by setting a
+series of `am_whatever` variables. I'm just going to call it
+"automake" here.
+I also hook into non-exposed parts of automake with a couple of
+`_am_whatever` variables. Hopefully I will come up with good ways to
+expose the needed functionality in the future.
+There are a couple of variables that get automatically set from git.
+This happens by `include`ing a hidden makefile that sets them; if
+`$(topsrcdir)/.git` exists, it knows to use git to generate it;
+otherwise it expects the file to exist:
+| variable | file |
+| srcfiles | $(srcdir)/ |
+| LIBRETOOLS_VERSION | $(topsrcdir)/ |
+| LIBRETOOLS_COMMIT | $(topsrcdir)/ |
+| DEVTOOLS_VERSION | $(topsrcdir)/ |
+| DEVTOOLS_COMMIT | $(topsrcdir)/ |
+`srcfiles` basically becomes `am_src_files`.