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Makefile: add support for compiling and installing localizations
This means that the new `po/files.generate` target can be used to build the `.pot` files without doing anything else; we can stop requiring translators to install ruby-ronn. It also means that we can put the `.pot` files in the source tarball, to make it even easier for translators. Unfortunately, it does add the extra step of having to create another symlink when adding a new locale.
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@@ -54,6 +54,6 @@ libretools.out.confs =
libretools.out = $(foreach pkg,$(pkgs),po/$(pkg).pot)
files.src.gen +=
-nested.subdirs = $(foreach pkg,$(pkgs),$(pkg.$(pkg)))
+nested.subdirs = $(foreach pkg,$(pkgs),$(pkg.$(pkg))) po
include $(topsrcdir)/build-aux/