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committerLuke Shumaker <>2016-05-29 16:05:16 -0400
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diff --git a/build-aux/ b/build-aux/
index 472d2db..bb197dc 100644
--- a/build-aux/
+++ b/build-aux/
@@ -18,35 +18,30 @@
include $(wildcard $(topsrcdir)/build-aux/Makefile.each.tail/*.mk)
# Make the namespaced versions of all of the dirlocal variables
-$(foreach v,$($(_am)dirlocal),$(eval $v/$(outdir) = $($v)))
+$(foreach v,$(at.dirlocal),$(eval $v/$(outdir) = $($v)))
# Remember that this is a directory that we've visited
-_am_outdirs := $(_am_outdirs) $(outdir)
+_at.outdirs := $(_at.outdirs) $(outdir)
# Generic phony target declarations:
# mark them phony
-.PHONY: $(addprefix $(outdir)/,$($(_am)phony))
+.PHONY: $(addprefix $(outdir)/,$(at.phony))
# have them depend on subdirs
-$(foreach t,$($(_am)phony),$(eval $(outdir)/$t: $(addsuffix /$t,$(subdirs))))
+$(foreach t,$(at.phony),$(eval $(outdir)/$t: $(addsuffix /$t,$(subdirs))))
# Include Makefiles from other directories
-define _am_nl
-$(foreach _am_NO_ONCE,y,\
- $(foreach makefile,$(call am_path,$(addsuffix /Makefile,$($(_am)subdirs) $($(_am)depdirs))),\
- $(eval include $(filter-out $(_am_included_makefiles),$(makefile)))))
+$(foreach _at.NO_ONCE,y,\
+ $(foreach makefile,$(call am_path,$(addsuffix /Makefile,$(at.subdirs) $(at.depdirs))),\
+ $(eval include $(filter-out $(_at.included_makefiles),$(makefile)))))
# This bit only gets evaluated once, after all of the other Makefiles are read
-ifeq ($(_am_NO_ONCE),)
+ifeq ($(_at.NO_ONCE),)
outdir = /bogus
srcdir = /bogus
-$(foreach v,$($(_am)dirlocal),$(eval $v=))
+$(foreach v,$(at.dirlocal),$(eval $v=))
include $(wildcard $(topsrcdir)/build-aux/Makefile.once.tail/*.mk)
-endif # _am_NO_ONCE
+endif # _at.NO_ONCE