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+# Workflows
+Describe your packaging workflow here!
+## fauno's way
+During packaging, I don't usually restart a build from scratch if I have to
+make changes to the PKGBUILD. I use a lot of commenting out commands already
+ran, `makepkg -R`, etc. When I used `libremakepkg` I ended up using a lot more
+`librechroot` and working from inside the unconfigured chroot, because
+`makechrootpkg` (the underlying technology for `libremakepkg`) tries to be too
+When I started writing `treepkg` I found that mounting what I need directly on
+the chroot and working from inside it was much more comfortable and simple than
+having a makepkg wrapper doing funny stuff (for instance, mangling makepkg.conf
+and breaking everything.)
+This is how the chroot is configured:
+* Create the same user (with same uid) on the chroot that the one I use regularly.
+* Give it password-less sudo on the chroot.
+* Bind mount /home to /chroot/home, where I have the abslibre-mips64el clone.
+* Bind mount /var/cache/pacman/pkg to /chroot/var/cache/pacman/pkg
+* Put these on system's fstab so I don't have to do it everytime
+* Configure makepkg.conf to PKGDEST=CacheDir and SRCDEST to something on my home.
+* Enter the chroot with `systemd-nspawn -D/chroot` and `su - fauno`.
+* From another shell (I use tmux) edit the abslibre or search for updates with
+ `git log --no-merges --numstat`.
+* Pick a package and run `treepkg` from its dir on the chroot, or retake
+ a build with `treepkg /tmp/package-treepkg-xxxx`. (Refer to doc/treepkg
+ here).
+What this allows:
+* Not having to worry about the state of the chroot. `chcleanup` removes and
+ adds packages in a smart way so shared dependencies stay and others move
+ along (think of installing and removing qt for a complete kde rebuild).
+* Building many packages in a row without recreating a chroot for every one of
+ them.
+* Knowing that any change you made to the chroot stays as you want (no one
+ touches your makepkg.conf)
+* Hability to run regular commands, not through a chroot wrapper. I can `cd` to
+ a dir and use `makepkg -whatever` on it and nothing breaks.
+* No extra code spent on wrappers.