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I went comma-happy when writing librechroot:usage()
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@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ usage() {
printf ' rootdir : %s\n' "${rootdir:-$(_ 'ERROR')}"
printf ' copydir : %s\n' "${copydir:-$(_ 'ERROR')}"
- prose 'If the chroot, or copy does not exist, it will be created
+ prose 'If the chroot or copy does not exist, it will be created
automatically. A chroot by default contains the packages in the
- group "base-devel", and any packages named in $CHROOTEXTRAPKG.
+ group "base-devel" and any packages named in $CHROOTEXTRAPKG.
Unless the `-C` or `-M` flags are used, the configuration files
that this program installs are the stock versions supplied in the
packages, not the versions from your host system. Other tools