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chroot.conf: clarify what each setting does
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-## The directory where the chroots are stored
+# The full path to the chroot is
+# where $CHROOTCOPY is set at runtime, either
+# - based on the username
+# - set with the `-l COPY` flag
+# The purpose of having a $CHROOT setting is that multiple clones of the same
+# base $CHROOT can quickly and easily be created.
-## Extra packages to have installed on the chroot (besides base base-devel and sudo)
-CHROOTEXTRAPKG=(distcc ccache tsocks libretools)
-## The meaning of this changes based on the version of libretools+devtools
-## do NOT set it to 'root'
+# Extra packages to have installed on the chroot.
+# This is in addition to CHROOTPKG=(base base-devel sudo)
+CHROOTEXTRAPKG=(distcc ccache tsocks libretools)