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libremakepkg: don't remove -N, but discourage its use.v20130611
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diff --git a/src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg b/src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg
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--- a/src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg
+++ b/src/chroot-tools/libremakepkg
@@ -294,8 +294,8 @@ usage() {
echo ' -n <CHROOT> Name of the chroot to use'
echo ' -l <COPY> Name of, or absolute path to, the copy to use'
echo " -N Don't disable networking during build() or package()"
- echo ' Only use this as a temporary hack to use distcc,'
- echo ' until actual distcc support is added.'
+ echo " PLEASE don't use this unless you have a special"
+ echo " reason, its use is a violation of Parabola policy."
echo ' -R Repackage contents of the package without rebuilding'
echo ' -h Show this message'