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Update for the new devtools-par (major)
* `src/devtools`: Redo to get devtools from another location, and patch it * `src/chroot-tools/{chcleanup,chroot.conf}`: Only install 'base-devel' by default * libremkchroot: deprecate in favor of `librechroot make` * librechroot: - redo option parsing to be a "sub-command" (git-like) interface, instead of having esoteric flags (pacman-like). - add more documentation. - allow COPY to be an absolute path - generally clean up and use updated functions from `` * libremakepkg: - allow COPY to be an absolute path - update to work with the new ``: - `` -> `libremakepkg:run()` - `` -> `libremakepkg:chroot_init()` - All functions from `` are wrapped, because they don't work with `set -euE`. - Other small changes
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-This is a minimal fork of Arch's `devtools'.
-It is a fork in that bugs are fixed and features added.
- This happens on the "complete" branch. Most development should happen here,
- and it should be able to be merged back into devtools.
-It is minimal in that it doesn't include most of what is in devtools.
- This happens on the "master" branch.
-A sample .git/config file is included to make it easy to merge from devtools.
-Tags in the format "%YYYY%MM%DD" are devtools.
-Tags in the format "v%YYYY%MM%DD" are chroottools.