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librefetch: Don't try to use makepkg to create .sig files.
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@@ -85,8 +85,12 @@ ensure that as long as the same directory contents go in, an identical
tarball will come out--the checksum of the file should not change
based on when it is built or who builds it.
-The `SRCBUILD` is either created, or sanitized if it already exists,
-then fed to a modified version of `makepkg(8)`.
+The `SRCBUILD` is either created, or sanitized if it already exists.
+If the output filename does not end with `.sig` or `.sig.part`, then
+the `SRCBUILD` is fed to a modified version of `makepkg(8)`. If the
+output filename does end with `.sig` or `.sig.part`, then it uses GPG
+to create a signature. If the file it is trying to sign does not
+exist yet, librefetch recurses on itself to create it.
The reason `makepkg` must be modified is that we need the resulting
tarball to be deterministic (as well as not containing package