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+librefetch(8) -- downloads or creates a liberated source tarball
+`librefetch` [options] <source-url> [<output-file>]<br>
+`librefetch` -[g|V|h]
+`librefetch` is a program to streamline creation of custom source
+tarballs for `PKGBUILD(5)` files.
+To automatically use `librefetch` to download or create a source
+tarball, you can add `libre://FILENAME.tar.gz` to the source array in
+your `PKGBUILD`. This works because a post-install script for the
+package adds `librefetch` as a download agent for `libre://` to
+`makepkg.conf`. Because of this, it is almost never necessary to call
+`librefetch` manually.
+There are 6 modes:
+ * `download-create`: The default mode. First try `download` mode,
+ then `create` mode.
+ * `download`: Download the tarball from the configured mirror.
+ * `create`: Create the tarball from a `PKGBUILD`/`SRCBUILD`.
+ * `checksums`: Generate integrity checks for source files.
+ * `version`: Print `librefetch` version information.
+ * `help`: Print `librefetch` usage information.
+ * `-C`: Force `create` mode (don't download)
+ * `-D`: Force `download` mode (don't create)
+ * `-p` <file>: Use an alternate build script for `create` mode
+ (instead of `PKGBUILD`). If an `SRCBUILD` file exists in the same
+ directory, it is used instead.
+ * `-g` | `--geninteg`: Use `checksums` mode: Generate integrity
+ checks for source files.
+ * `-V` | `--version`: Use `version` mode: Show version information.
+ * `-h` | `--help`: Use `help` mode: Show useage information.
+The principle of `create` mode is that a special `PKGBUILD(5)`, called
+a `SRCBUILD(5)`, installs source files to `$pkgdir`, and the resulting
+"package" is then used as a source tarball. The `SRCBUILD` exists in
+the same directory as the `PKGBUILD`. It can be created manually, or
+generated on-the-fly from the `PKGBUILD`. Extra steps are taken to
+ensure that as long as the same directory contents go in, an identical
+tarball will come out--the checksum of the file should not change
+based on when it is built or who builds it.
+The `SRCBUILD` is either created, or sanitized if it already exists,
+then fed to a modified version of `makepkg(8)`.
+The purpose of the modified `makepkg` is so that the resulting tarball
+doesn't contain package metadata, doesn't end with a .pkg file
+extension, and always produces an identicle tarball.
+When this documentation speaks of a file being modified, it is a
+temporary copy of the file that is modified, your original file will
+remain intact.
+The use of `SRCBUILD` files pre-dates `librefetch`. By convention,
+they set `PKGDEST` and `PKGEXT` in `package()` in order to modify the
+behavior of `makepkg`. Because a modified version of `makepkg` is
+used, this interferes with the correct behavior. To compensate for
+this, lines containing "`PKGDEST=`" or "`PKGEXT=`" are deleted from
+the `SRCBUILD`.
+The general idea is that `build()` makes any modifications to the
+source, then `package()` copies it from `$srcdir` to `$pkgdir`.
+Possibly more elegant than having a separate `SRCBUILD` file is having
+an `mksource()` function in the main `PKGBUILD`. This results in less
+boilerplate and fewer files to edit.
+Note that this only happens if a file named `SRCBUILD` doesn't already
+exist; when migrating a package from a manually created `SRCBUILD` to
+this method, the `SRCBUILD` must be deleted (or renamed) for this to
+The dynamically created `SRCBUILD` is created by copying `PKGBUILD` to
+a temorary file, then re-setting variables and re-defining functions.
+Following is a table of the translations.
+ Variables
+ source = mksource
+ noextract = mknoextract
+ *sums = mk*sums (md5, sha1, sha256, sha384, sha512)
+ depends = <empty>
+ checkdepends = <empty>
+ makedepends = mkdepends
+ Functions
+ prepare() { :; }
+ build() { mksource; }
+ check() { :; }
+ package() { cp -a "$srcdir"/*/ "$pkgdir/"; }
+The `mksource()` function does not need to be defined. If it isn't
+defined, then no transformations will be made to the source between it
+being extracted to `$srcdir` and copied to `$pkgdir`.
+In summary:
+ * Set `mksource=()` and `mkmd5sums=(`) to act as `source=(`) and
+ `md5sums=()`
+ * Declare a `mksource()` function to make modifications to the
+ source, if nescessary.
+Other changes:
+ * `pkgname` is set to `pkgbase`, or the first element of the
+ `pkgname` array.
+ * `options=()` is set have `makepkg` avoid making changes to
+ `$pkgdir`. The exact change is:
+ options+=(!strip docs libtool emptydirs !zipman purge !upx)
+ * `PURGE_TARGETS=()` has vcs directories added to it:
+ PURGE_TARGETS+=(.bzr/ .cvs/ .git/ .hg/ .svn/)
+The following modifications are made to makepkg:
+ * Allow us to manipulate the output file (`$pkg_file`)
+ * Do not include metadata in the output file (`${comp_files[@]}`)
+ * Force 'ustar' tar format, don't allow it to upgrade to 'pax' to
+ store extended file attributes.
+ * Don't symlink the resulting file into the current directory.
+ * `PURGE_TARGETS` interprets an item as a directory if it ends with a
+ slash ("/").
+ * Timestamps in `$pkgdir` are reset to "1990-01-01 0:0:0 +0", so that
+ the resulting tarball will be the same, regardless of when it was
+ created.
+ * append `-libre` to `$srcdir`
+ * append `-libre` to `$pkgbasedir` (which becomes `$pkgdir`)
+ * Don't check if the package has already been built.
+See `librefetch.conf(5)` for details on configuring librefetch using
+the `librefetch.conf` file.
+librefetch.conf(5), makepkg(8), PKGBUILD(5), SRCBUILD(5)
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+librefetch.conf(5) -- librefetch configuration file
+`/etc/libretools.d/librefetch.conf`, `~/.config/libretools/librefetch.conf`
+Configuration for librefetch is stored in `librefetch.conf`. The
+several places it looks for the file are:
+ * `/etc/libretools.d/librefetch.conf`
+ * `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/libretools/librefetch.conf`
+The later files take precidence over earlier files, but earlier files
+are loaded, so that later files only need to set the values they want
+to override.
+If `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME` is not set, a default value is set:
+ * if `$SUDO_USER` is set: `$(eval echo ~$SUDO_USER)/.config`
+ * else: `$HOME/.config`
+ * `MIRROR=''`:
+ The location to download pre-built source tarball in download
+ mode.
+ * `DOWNLOADER='/usr/bin/curl -fLC - --retry 3 --retry-delay 3 -o %o %u'`:
+ The HTTP client to use when downloading pre-built source tarballs
+ in download mode.