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+I'd love to have your patches! Code should be hackable; if you want
+to modify something, but can't figure out how: 1) ping me for help, 2)
+it probably means the code was too complicated in the first place.
+Patches should be sent to <>; please put
+"[PATCH]" and "libretools" in the subject line. If you have commit
+access, but want me to look over it first, feel free to create a new
+branch in git, and I will notice it. Try to avoid pushing to the
+"master" branch unless it's a trivial change; it makes it easier to
+review things; though I *will* look over every commit before I do a
+release, so don't think you can sneak something in :)
+Be sure to make sure to follow the licensing requirements in
+I'd love to discuss possible changes on IRC (I'm lukeshu), either on or in personal messages. My account may be
+online even if I'm not; I will eventually see your message, I do a
+search for mentions of "luke" on #parabola every time I get on.
+Please write unit tests for new functionality. Or old functionality.
+Please write unit tests! See `HACKING/` for details on