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+Please write unit tests for new things. Tests can be run with `make
+check`, which just runs `./testenv roundup` in the `test/` directory.
+Relatedly, you need the `roundup` (the `sh-roundup` package on
+Parabola) tool to run the tests. `./testenv` can be given
+`--no-network` and/or `--no-sudo` to dissable tests that require those
+things. Make can be made to pass those things in by setting
+`TESTENVFLAGS`. If you don't dissable either, I *strongly* recommend
+setting TMPDIR to somewhere on a btrfs partition before running the
+tests; otherwise the chroot tests will take forever. I mean, they
+already take long on btrfs, but without it... _dang_.
+I also recommend having the `haveged` daemon running. That's good
+general advice, but also: some of the tests make GPG keys, this
+"should" take on the order of 1 second, but can take several minutes
+if you don't have `haveged` running.