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+++ b/po/es/xbs.po
@@ -109,9 +109,13 @@ msgstr "Opciones:"
-#: src/xbs/xbs:51
-msgid "-h"
-msgstr "-h"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:49
+msgid "Use BUILDSYSTEM instead of the one configured in xbs.conf"
+msgstr ""
+#: src/xbs/xbs:51 src/xbs/xbs:76
+msgid "Show this message"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:53
msgid "Whether a command is intended for use on a developer's box or on the "
@@ -135,6 +139,10 @@ msgstr "┬┐Hay cambios sin commit en `.`?"
msgid "(dev) download"
msgstr "(dev) descarga"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:61
+msgid "Download or update the tree"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:62
msgid "(dev) release-client REPO ARCH"
msgstr "(dev) release-client REPO ARCQUITECTURA"
@@ -147,22 +155,43 @@ msgstr "Publica `.` (para las cajas de los desarrolladores)"
msgid "(srv) release-server REPO ARCH"
msgstr "(srv) release-client REPO ARCQUITECTURA"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:65
+msgid "Release `.` (for server boxes)"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:66
msgid "(srv) unrelease PKGBASE REPO ARCH"
msgstr "(srv) unrelease PKGBASE REPO ARCQUITECTURA"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:67
+msgid "Unrelease a pkgbase"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:68
msgid "(srv) move FROMREPO TOREPO PKGBASE"
msgstr "(srv) mover DESDEREPO AREPO PKGBASE"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:69
+msgid "Move a pkgbase from one repo to another"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:70
msgid "(srv) releasepath PKGBASE REPO ARCH"
msgstr "(srv) rutadepublicaci├│n PKGBASE REPO ARQUITECTURA"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:71
+msgid "Print the path to the staged version of pkgbase, or exit with non-"
+ "zero if not released"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:73
msgid "(any) name"
msgstr "(any) nombre"
+#: src/xbs/xbs:74
+msgid "Print a human-friendly version of the BUILDSYSTEM name"
+msgstr ""
#: src/xbs/xbs:75
msgid "(any) help"
msgstr "(any) ayuda"