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+Special stuff about hacking ih the /src/lib directory:
+ - Everything should be GPLv2 AND GPLv3 compatible. No GPLv3 only.
+ - Name a file `libre${NAME}` if it should be executable directly, or
+ `${name}.sh` if it should only be available to be sourced.
+ - When printing a message that is internal to /src/lib, and not part
+ of the programm calling the library; prefix the print command with
+ `_l`. `_l()` is defined in `` (and `librelib`, since it
+ cannot use any libraries itself).
+ - When changing the message functions, be aware that some are
+ duplicated in:
+ * /src/chroot-tools/chcleanup
+ * /src/chroot-tools/distcc-tool
+ * /src/lib/librelib
+ And that they probably need to be updated as well.