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@@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ routines by default.
Similar to `prose`, but prints a bullet point before the first
line, and indents the remaining lines.
- * `flag` <FLAG> <DESCRIPTION> [<FLAG2> <DESCRIPTION2>...]:
+ * `flag` [<FLAG> <DESCRIPTION>|<HEADING>:]...:
Print a flag and description formatted for `--help` text. For
`flag '-N' 'Disable networking in the chroot'`<br>
@@ -113,7 +113,11 @@ routines by default.
whitespace-collapsed (so newlines are stripped), then it is
re-word-wrapped, in the same way as `prose` and `bullet`. If you
pass in multiple flag/description pairs to the same invocation,
- the descriptions are all aligned together.
+ the descriptions are all aligned together. The ability to do
+ insert headings without resetting the alignment is the motivation
+ for also allowing headings to be in the list. In order to tell
+ the difference between a flag and a heading, a heading must end
+ with a colon (':'), and a flag must not.