AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2010-10-19Use XDG_CONFIG_HOME and downloads blacklist only if it's newer than saved ↵Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández
one, exits with 15 if a package has nonfree dependencies
2010-10-19Changed CHROOTDIR to a neutral dirJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2010-10-19fixNicolás Reynolds
2010-10-19* Moved configuration strings to libretools.confNicolás Reynolds
* Added license
2010-10-19Libremakepkg updates the chroot dir and builds in a clean environmentNicolás Reynolds
2010-10-19Created configuration fileNicolás Reynolds
2010-10-16Merge branch 'master' of Ismael Haase Hernández
2010-10-16Agregado .gitignore y pkgbuild-check-nonfreeJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2010-10-15librecommit, a tool for commiting sources into a CVS tree (only mercurial ATM)Nicolás Reynolds
2010-09-29Added PKGDEST and SRCPKGDEST default valuesNicolás Reynolds
2010-09-28Upload source filesNicolás Reynolds
2010-09-23Added help and error messagesNicolás Reynolds
2010-09-23librerelease scriptNicolás Reynolds
Uploads the package to the free repo and moves old versions to old/ dir Usage: librerelease <[core,extra,community]>