AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-27add (some) unit tests for librelib and libremessagesLuke Shumaker
2013-05-27Add (roundup-based) unit-test framework, tests for pkgbuild-check-nonfreeLuke Shumaker
2013-05-26librelib: fix usage()Luke Shumaker
2013-05-26redo the library system; avoid hard-coded pathsLuke Shumaker
2013-05-26Makefile: things in libre_datadir should be 644, not 755Luke Shumaker
2013-05-26libremessages: run with -euE when stand alone, use == instead of =Luke Shumaker make -euE or non -euE safe, add comments, make executable.Luke Shumaker
2013-05-26lib/ fix bug with `set -u`Luke Shumaker
2013-05-26Add copyright headers to src/lib/{blacklist,conf}.shLuke Shumaker
2013-05-26libremessages: fix bug with exit valueLuke Shumaker
2013-05-25move librefetch:print() to libremessages:print()Luke Shumaker
2013-05-25libremessages: clean up commentsLuke Shumaker
2013-05-24remove stdnull, use plain I/O redirectionLuke Shumaker
2013-05-24rm src/is_unfree # nothing uses thisLuke Shumaker
2013-05-24libremessages: simplify stdnull()Luke Shumaker
2013-05-24clean up doc/; normalize filenames, clean up createworkdir(.md)Luke Shumaker
2013-05-23is_unfree: use blacklist.shLuke Shumaker
2013-05-23lib/ source globally to ensure XDG_CACHE_HOME is setLuke Shumaker
2013-05-23lib/ download blacklist iff it doesn't existLuke Shumaker
2013-05-22libretools.conf: use https for BLACKLISTtesting-20130522Luke Shumaker
2013-05-22add a lib/, use it for pkgbuild-check-nonfreeLuke Shumaker
2013-05-22librediff: normalize indentLuke Shumaker also set XDG_CACHE_HOMELuke Shumaker
2013-05-22fix Shumaker
2013-05-22pkgbuild-check-nonfree: clean upLuke Shumaker add documentation, make generic API more consistent.Luke Shumaker
2013-05-21libretools.conf: add a comment about being non-executableLuke Shumaker
2013-05-14update Shumaker
2013-05-14libremakepkg: fix adding [repo] to pacman.confLuke Shumaker
2013-05-14chcleanup: run pacman -Sy first to update the local repoLuke Shumaker work with librefetch stuffLuke Shumaker
2013-05-13librefetch: force the ustar format, pax records atimetesting-20130513Luke Shumaker
2013-05-13librefetch: don't run prepare() or check()Luke Shumaker
2013-05-13librefetch: find source files distributed with the PKGBUILDLuke Shumaker
2013-05-13librefetch: careful with stdout, might be called by `makepkg -g`Luke Shumaker
2013-05-08lib/ hopefully this will fix alfplayer's problem w/ /dev/stderrtesting-20130508Luke Shumaker
2013-05-08librechroot: improve usage() textLuke Shumaker
2013-05-07libremakepkg: copy more things out on failuretesting-20130507Luke Shumaker
2013-05-07have `librechroot install-file` add the packages to the local repo.Luke Shumaker
2013-05-07libremakepkg: fix possible sudo option parsing bugLuke Shumaker
2013-05-07It appears that I left out implementing `librechroot update`Luke Shumaker
2013-05-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/fauno'Luke Shumaker
2013-05-03libremakepkg: fix -R flagtesting-20130503Luke Shumaker
2013-05-02mips64el-tools/librebasebuilder: s/mkarchroot/archroot/Luke Shumaker
2013-05-02libremakepkg: only lock the chroot if there is a chroot to lock.Luke Shumaker
2013-05-02fix libremakepkgLuke Shumaker
2013-05-02chcleanup: msg is used tooLuke Shumaker
2013-05-02librefetch: take advantage of provided librariesLuke Shumaker
2013-05-02COMMITCMD is no longer used, remove it from the confLuke Shumaker
2013-05-02src/devtools/Makefile: edit lib/*.sh scriptsLuke Shumaker