AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-02-08Whoops, `make install-libretools` was installing everythingv20160208Luke Shumaker
2016-02-08Refactor the build system. Avoid recursive make.Luke Shumaker
2016-02-08Documentation cleanupLuke Shumaker
2016-02-07Update librefetch to work with pacman 5.Luke Shumaker
2016-02-04Adjust libremakepkg to work with pacman 5.0Luke Shumaker begone with $(rootdir), use the more reliable -r flagLuke Shumaker
2015-06-07xbs-abslibre: better error handlingLuke Shumaker
2015-06-07xbs-abslibre: (workaround) have release-server copy, not moveLuke Shumaker
2015-06-07xbs-abslibre: fix stupid mistakeLuke Shumaker
2015-06-07Not that it matters, but I screwed up Shumaker
2015-06-06remove mips64el-tools: We don't support MIPS anymoreLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06toru-path: simplifyLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06meld toru-utils into toru-path, since it is the only thing using itLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06tidy up toru-{info,path}Luke Shumaker
2015-06-06xbs-abs: oops, was missing an argument to check_varsLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06Tidy up the default libretools.confLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06Remove the 'toru' program, it has been replaced by 'toru-path'/'toru-where'Luke Shumaker
2015-06-06toru: Clean up the option parser and usage textLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06toru-utils: tidy upLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06src/toru/*: use tab-indentLuke Shumaker
2015-06-06toru-where: simplify slightly, add quoting.Luke Shumaker
2015-06-06Remove fullpkg and treepkg, in favor of dagpkg.Luke Shumaker
2015-06-06Update to new devtools.Luke Shumaker also recommend having `haveged` running for the tests.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31librefetch: Make the names of a couple of temporary files more readableLuke Shumaker
2015-05-31librefetch: Don't try to use makepkg to create .sig files.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31librefetch: Tidy up usage() text.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31Enforce .pot files being UTF-8.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31librexgettext: Support all of the recent changes to libremessages:flag.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-31libremessages:flag: support sub-headings in the list of flags.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-26Rename libremessages:whitespace-collapse to whitespace_collapse.v20150526Luke Shumaker
2015-05-25man: Two spaces between sentences.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-25doc/: Two spaces between sentences, wrap to 80 columns.Luke Shumaker Fix a typo in a comment.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24Enforce two spaces after a period.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libredbdiff: Fix some usages of `print` and `prose`.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages: expose whitespace-collapseLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages/librexgettext: Preserve two spaces after a period.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24librerelease: Fix typo in a comment.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24librerelease: Remove redundant calls to gettext.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24librerelease: Don't sign XBS files.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs: Add `help` and `name` commands.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs: Clean up the usage text.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Allow specifying multiple flags in one go.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Clean up mathLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages:flag: Avoid doing a loop over each lineLuke Shumaker
2015-05-24libremessages: add some newlines in comments, reflow them.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: The server commands handled dest of `abstree` or `abslibre`.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: The comment I wrote 2 commits ago said move, not copy.Luke Shumaker
2015-05-24xbs-abslibre: Touch upLuke Shumaker