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2018-04-28Makefile: Avoid making pointless empty dir.pot filesv20180428Luke Shumaker
2018-03-27Makefile: Use files.groups instead of nested.subdirs to split the packageLuke Shumaker
2018-03-24Makefile: Support split libdir / libexecdirLuke Shumaker
2018-01-03Makefile: don't let paths in .pot files depend on where `make` was calledLuke Shumaker
2017-07-08Makefile: rename $(outdir)/everything.pot to $(srcdir)/dir.potLuke Shumaker
2017-07-08Makefile: have docdir behave the way the GNU standards say.Luke Shumaker
2017-04-11Makefile: libretools.pots might contain whitespaceLuke Shumaker
2017-04-11Expect devtools files to already be patched.Luke Shumaker
2017-01-30Update and tidy the build system for autothing v3.Luke Shumaker
2016-06-09Work with the new version of autothing.Luke Shumaker