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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-06-28* Cleanup code + arch specific separatedJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-06-26Commit files working for gitJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-06-18* updated *commitJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-03-25Fixed error in librecommitv20110325-1.1Joshua Ismael Haase Hernandez
2011-03-25librecommit usefull for everyoneJoshua Ismael Haase Hernandez
2011-03-25Added libremessages and format in scriptsJoshua Ismael Haase Hernandez
2011-02-08Removed extra space from license messagesNicolás Reynolds
2010-10-19* Moved configuration strings to libretools.confNicolás Reynolds
2010-10-15librecommit, a tool for commiting sources into a CVS tree (only mercurial ATM)Nicolás Reynolds