path: root/librestage
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-07organize the filesLuke Shumaker
2012-05-10Create repo dir if it doesn't existsNicolás Reynolds
2012-01-05Don't run as root, since it won't work if WORKDIR is not an absolute pathNicolás Reynolds
2011-12-14Do batch signingNicolás Reynolds
2011-07-02Optional package signing support for librestageNicolás Reynolds
2011-06-28* Cleanup code + arch specific separatedJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-06-27fixes and tabs -> spacesJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-06-02librestage can find packages with epochJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-06-02Better root user checkNicolás Reynolds
2011-05-19librestage search in ARCHES from libretools.confJoshua Ismael Haase Hernandez
2011-05-16librestage uses an error message when no package is stagedJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-05-16librestage to use arch from pkgbuildJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-05-01Fixed way of finding packages on librestage. Also it just searchs for ARCHESNicolas Reynolds
2011-04-07Librestage to use rePKGBUILD tooJoshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-03-25Added libremessages and format in scriptsJoshua Ismael Haase Hernandez
2011-03-10LibreStage just copies once and hardlinks the rest if the package is going to...Nicolás Reynolds
2011-02-09Modified librestage to be more informative (when I tried it, it said «libret...Joshua Ismael Haase Hernández
2011-02-08Removed extra space from license messagesNicolás Reynolds