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2013-06-05use universallyLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05fix up mipsrelease/fullpkg-build/HOOKLOCALRELEASELuke Shumaker
HOOKLOCALRELEASE: - set to librestage by default, because the mips value is mipsrelease, which calls librestage - document what arguments it is given. fullpkg-build: - Run HOOKLOCALRELEASE in a way that is consistent with treepkg does and what mipsrelease takes. Note that what fullpkg-build did is what mipsrelease documentation said, but not what it actually did. - Don't run librestage; if we want it to run, run it with HOOKLOCALRELEASE mipsrelease: Telling diff to ignore whitespace helps with this one. - use get_full_version from - give a code path to display usage() - correct usage() - fix a little quoting - make sure makepkg.conf variables are set
2013-06-05clean up configuration filesLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05[all tools]: use (and libremessages if necessary)Luke Shumaker
2013-06-05mips-add: fix (it used the now-gone librecommit)Luke Shumaker
2013-05-02mips64el-tools/librebasebuilder: s/mkarchroot/archroot/Luke Shumaker
2012-12-09make the Makefile(s)... mortal-friendlyLuke Shumaker
I did this by making the assumption that the files in a directory are dividable into 2 groups: those that are executable, and those that aren't, and that all of the files in each group all go in the same folder when installed. These install directories are configurable per source directory with $(libre_execdir) and $(libre_datadir)
2012-11-07chmod 755 src/mips64el-tools/mips-addLuke Shumaker
2012-11-07organize the filesLuke Shumaker