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2013-06-08pkgbuild-check-nonfree: add -c flag to not download a new blacklistLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05Double bracket ==/</> compare lexicographically, not numerically.Luke Shumaker
Unfortunately for me, that means that it works correctly *most* of the time. But, for example, [[ 10 < 2 ]], and negatives don't work.
2013-06-05aur, pkgbuild-check-nonfree: fix up copyright linesLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05pkgbuild-check-nonfree: exit with 1 when not a PKGBUILDLuke Shumaker
2013-05-27add tests for libreblacklist, fix a few bugsLuke Shumaker
2013-05-26redo the library system; avoid hard-coded pathsLuke Shumaker
* install all library files to $(libexecdir)/libretools, instead of - $(bindir) - $(datadir)/libretools - $(datadir)/devtools * symlink the executable library files into $(bindir) * add the tool `librelib` * instead of ". /path/to/", use ". $(librelib" * mark all libraries with shebangs of what options they support * move to libreblacklist
2013-05-22add a lib/, use it for pkgbuild-check-nonfreeLuke Shumaker
2013-05-22pkgbuild-check-nonfree: clean upLuke Shumaker
* use tabs for indent * document exit codes * use * make the output more pleasing to me * general code clean-up
2012-11-13add an '-f' flag to pkgbuild-check-nonfree to let libremakepkg run as rootLuke Shumaker
2012-11-13pkgbuild-check-nonfree: fix a few errors, clean upLuke Shumaker
This includes the notorious command-not-found error triggered in libremakepkg
2012-11-07organize the filesLuke Shumaker