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2013-09-12Merge branch 'fauno~2' (early part) into masterLuke Shumaker
2013-06-27add {load,unset}_PKGBUILD to, use it.Luke Shumaker
There are a bunch of caveats to loading a PKGBUILD file. This way it is all done correctly in one place. unset_PKGBUILD unsets any functions and variables that are normally set in a PKGBUILD. The list is far more complete than any existing implementation. load_PKGBUILD loads the file given, or "./PKGBUILD" if none is given. But first it calls unset_PKGBUILD and then sets CARCH.
2013-06-05use universallyLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05Phase out `load_conf_*` and `check_conf_*` functionsLuke Shumaker
Replace their usages with `load_files *` and `check_vars *`
2013-06-05[many tools]: miscellaneous minor cleanupsLuke Shumaker
2013-06-05[all tools]: use (and libremessages if necessary)Luke Shumaker
2013-06-05treepkg: make compound if statements more readableLuke Shumaker
2013-05-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/fauno'Luke Shumaker
Conflicts: treepkg
2013-05-02treepkg: normalize indent to a 'tab'; no other changesLuke Shumaker
The indentation was scattered between tabs and any number of spaces.
2012-11-07organize the filesLuke Shumaker